Recreation Area

Play Area access and parking

Play area is fully open and parking in the pub carpark is fully permitted despite the fence.

To clarify recent activity at the pub, the erection of a new fence in no way limits access to utilise the car parking facilities for users of the play area. Right of access to the car park (primarily in the spaces between the road and the play area access gate, but beyond throughout the whole car park if required) is written in the deeds. Please do not be put off by the fence and we have been assured that the gate will not be locked. If there are any issues please contact the PCRA committee via the form on our Contact page or send an email to:

Please enjoy this great facility, for which people have worked tirelessly and given generously

To report any damage to play equipment or accidents, please use the contact form or write to

Please leave as much information as possible and make sure a contact telephone number is given should we need to contact you to clarify anything.